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Wanna be Friends?

Since I've seen that a lot of people have sent me friend requests, before accepting, I would just like for you to introduce yourselves first or at least state why you've added me.

I'm happy that people have decided to friend me but it's just that when I go to check your LJ (since I don't know who you are) a lot of people have blank pages, so all the fun is gone =(

If it's not too much to ask, then onegaii =D

(Thank you heaps to those who visited and commented. You guys made me so happy that I almost fell off my chair
Ten hearts for each of you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

Ohisashiburi desu ne ~

OMG~!! It's been so long since I last updated.

Gomenasai darls, no animated gifs as such just now becos I've been busy with work and kinder lost motivation to complete the 2nd series I started... like long time ago =3

Well as for now, just a quick update. I've been gradually converted into a Korean fanatic (is that the right term?) so I'm going through a Korean phase atm and haven't been spazzing over my JE boys for a while (I feel so unloyal =.=)
Forgive me!

I just wanna share some drawings I drew of Tegoshi and Pi-chan, something that will keep my JE subsequently alive.

Still working on these drawings. I've put them down for too long and haven't touched them for a while. So need motivation (=v=)

Hope you guys like it!

SUPER JUNIOR IS FLY~!!! Hankyungie <3


 Gomen minna, for not updating anything lately. Haven't been buying any mags or haven't had the time to work on those gifs I promised.
It's not like people come and check my LJ anyways. 

So, to make it official, I'll just put myself on hiatus for a while LOL


Can't believe he's already going to turn 24. It only felt like yesterday that he turned 22.
Hope Pi-chan is doing fine. And OMG was that Koi no ABO PV awesome!
Pi-chan is made from awesomeness. Sexy awesomeness~!! 
NEWS crack is getting to me

Pi-chan daisuki~!! CHUUU~



Ahh... tomorrow comes New Year's Eve. So exciting!
I'll be spending my whole day under the hot sweltering sun on the beachy sand, crashing the waves with my family and friends
so as for now I would like to say...


I wish the year 2009 will bring everyone happiness and good health. I also hope that a lot of sparkly things will come into your life and that I would be able to meet each and every one of you in person in the future. LET'S PLAN A JAPAN TRIP TOGETHER!!!

And let's keep on being the crazy, obsessive, drooling, pretty boy hungry maniacs like we've always been. 
JE Ai forever! Itsumademo!!
(Someone please let me in on this... *clears throat* does anyone ever uses the term 'rape' on a JE boy or any Jap pretty boy? I certainly do. But it doesn't mean what you think it means. My meaning of 'rape' means 'BIG SMOOCHIES' all over the boys!!)



 Merry Christmas Minna!
And for the new year coming, may everyone's dreams come true! (JE stalking anyone? *shakes eyebrows*)
Enjoy the Christmas holidays with your love ones and genki de ne~



JE Boys Funny/Kawaii face GIFspam Series I

Over the past months, I've been spending my time making gif icons.
Of course you can tell that it is totally pwned by NEWS (I seriously can't help it since they are my ichibans and most of the clips I have are of them)
And most of them are Kei-chan and Shige! 8D Heh!
These two are just ghsohgdhvha
So feel free to use them as your userpics. Crediting is not necessary but it would be nice (just don't claim it as your own, that's all)
I'll try my best to make them of other JE groups too. (Please, take into account that this is only series 1, so they will be more to the series)
I have gone totally nutcase over this gif spam entry becos all their faces going into motion all at the same time is making me crack up bad!

Follow to get a geist of JE Gifspam Crack!Collapse )

Have fun with the gifspam and surely no one has laughed until they've wet their pants! *checks own pants* (Phew, lucky. Totally dry =D)



Well it’s that time again, where I’ve got ahold of the Popolo Magazine for December. YATTA~!!

This time the scans are a lot larger (each over 2500 x 3400 px), which is quite a pain for downloading (those who have a slow connection, I know how it feels) But it’s all worth it ne? Well, they are scans of pretty boys *chuckles*

I had my college friends (non-JE Fans) ask me the other day,
“What do you do with those pics anyways?”
I giggled to myself before answering, “For fangirling purposes.”
My friends just looked at me and shook their heads. I bet a lot of you may have come across these kinds of situation. People just don’t get it on how us fangirls’ world works.

Anywho, enough chit-chat. Here are the nosebleeding scans people have been awaiting.

Proceed to fall under the JE Boys spellCollapse )

Enjoy drooling over the scans!

Koyama SPAZZ~!!

I just felt a Koyama spazz attack! Therefore, I will share with all of you a wallpaper I made a long time ago and an animated icon of Kei-chan.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Does anyone remember when NEWS was on Utaban performing weeeek and when they were exercising and putting those sweatbands on Kei-chan made this adorable confused face?? Everytime I saw that expression on his face, I would crack up so bad xDD

Well, here's the facial expression he made at the time...


Extras from MYOJO 0908~!!


Since someone has already shared the Myojo September scans (you can find them here at daffytan LJ) I've noticed that the extras weren't scanned, so I've come to bring you a few of those scans I was talking about.

These include:

+ A Pin-Up (NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN & HSJ)
+ KISS & LOVE Book cover with HSJ
+ "Your Seed" Lyrics (HSJ)

Please no HOTLINKING~!!


I'm back with the zip files everyone requested for as I promised and I'm sorry for some of those who couldn't get hold of the pics since some careless person/s out there decided to hotlink my images. I've separated the pics into groups, so you can choose which one you want to d/l (of course that's obvious) And also...gomen if there's only like one pic and I've placed it as a zip folder. Other than that, ENJOY~!


+ Hey! Say! JUMP {39}
+ Arashi {40}
+ Kat-tun {71}
+ NEWS {38}
+ Kinki Kids {7}
+ Kanjani8 {9}
+ Kis-My-Ft2 {5}
+ Tackey & Tsubasa {10}
+ Ikuta Toma {3}
+ Nakai Masahiro {4}
+ Okada Junichi {2}
+ Hashimoto & Sanada {1}

And for next time when I do scan more pics and upload them, please do NOT HOTLINK my images~! Arigatou gozaiimashita =D
(Feel free to report back if there is any broken links)

The rest of the POPOLO 0908 Scans~!!

Konbanwa minna-san,

Sorry for the delay. Here are the rest of the Popolo Sept Scans (although maybe, many of you guys may have seen them already elsewhere *sobs*) Anyways, doozo =)

+ Hey! Say! JUMP
+ KAT-TUN (there's sooo many 8D)
+ NEWS (*cries* there's not as many NEWS pics like Kat-tun)

+ Kanjani8
+ Ikuta Toma
+ Kinki Kids
+Tackey & Tsubasa
+ Kis-My-Ft2
+ Nakai Masahiro [SMAP]
+ Okada Junichi [V6]
+ Hashimoto & Sanada [Johnny Jrs]

Prepared any tissues near you yet just in case you get any nosebleeds? OR is there a soft cushion by your seat for you to land on just in case you faint? Then if you're fully prepared
Click to proceed...Collapse )

*phew* Thank god I'm done. I'm dead tired now so I'm going to sleep.


NEWS Summer Time
Nalin desu ~ ナリンです。
Niddies Deviantart